Participatory Development of Information Services for Farmers in Peri-Urban Khulna, Bangladesh

Information services, such as weather forecasts or forecasts of water levels, can help farmers and other water users to manage water resources and take farm decisions. Smallholder farming communities in peri-urban Khulna are highly vulnerable to hydro-climatic disasters caused by climate change and unplanned urbanization. While available information and technology could help farmers by taking informed decisions, the peri-urban farming communities of Khulna still lack access to weather and water related information services well in advance and meaningful way. To fulfil this gap, Waterapps Project ( funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), started research initiative on ‘Participatory Development of Information Services’ with and for farmers in peri-urban Khulna, Bangladesh.

To date Waterapps Project organized several multi-stakeholders workshops in Khulna to bridge gaps between service developers and service providers including intermediaries from the idea of collaborative learning by doing approach of participatory action research. The Participatory Integrated Climate Services for Agriculture (PICSA) Workshop held in Khulna on 6th May 2018. The Workshop jointly organized by the University of Khulna, CIMMYT, Reading University, the DeltaCAP ( and WaterApps ( Projects. In the workshop service developers, service providers and researchers joined together to explore existing farming practices of smallholder farmers in peri-urban Khulna, and to understand information needs for better agricultural decisions in the context of climate change and urbanisation. This workshop held from an early inspiration of PICSA for Bangladesh. This workshop also bridge an important gap among researchers team currently working for Participatory Climate Service Development in Bangladesh.

PICSA Workshop participants at Raingamari Village, Batiaghata, Khulna.


This article was written by Uthpal Kumar and Saskia Werners on May 6, 2018.

DeltaCAP Briefs the Vice-Chancellor of BUET

DeltaCAP Briefs the Vice-Chancellor of BUET

23-Apr-2018, Dhaka. Prof. Umme Kulsum Navera (DWRE, BUET) and Prof. Shah Alam Khan (IWFM, BUET), together with Associate Professor Assela Pathirana of IHE-Delft Institute of water education, met with the Vice-Chancellor of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Prof. Saiful  Islam (CEng FIET FIEB FBCS SrMIEE). Prof. Islam is also a senior scientist and Professor in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and has an active research career in addition to the responsibilities of the office of the Vice-Chancellor.  He completed his PhD at the Cambridge University in 1986.

The objective of the meeting was to Brief the Vice-Chancellor on the activities of the DeltaCAP Project which is concerned with providing capacity support to realize Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100. DeltaCAP is funded by the government of the Netherlands through Nuffic-NICHE. Delta Alliance Bangladesh Wing, BUET being an active member of the Wing, is the partner in the DeltaCAP project in Bangladesh.

One of the important aspects of the DeltaCAP project is to establish an inter-agency knowledge centre, a ‘Delta Centre’ represented by all partners of the Wing, which will play an important role in capacity development and knowledge co-creation for delta-planning and implementation in Bangladesh. The centre will be a virtual cluster entity which will act as a liaison among the existing and new capacity building entities (e.g. training institutes) of various agencies. DeltaCAP proposed that BUET also implement one of such entities – a ’Delta Centre BUET’ – which will work as a delta knowledge institution and collaborate with other agencies for capacity building and knowledge generation. The feasibility of offering online professional courses and joint degrees in the longer term was also discussed during this meeting.

Prof Navera visited the Netherlands

Prof Umme Kulsum Navera of the Department of Water Resources Engineering, BUET, Bangladesh, traveled to the Netherlands early April to participate as a member of the promotion committee of Rumana Hossain, who successfully defended her PhD thesis ‘Impacts of climate change on coastal ecosystems of Bangladesh’ at Wageningen University.

During this brief visit, Prof Navera took the opportunity to meet some prominent researchers in the water sector at Wageningen University and also visited recent water management improvements for the river Rijn/Waal at the city of Nijmegen, near Lent and in the Ooijpolder, all part of the ‘Room for the River’ program .


After visiting the project she expressed her feelings: ‘I find it interesting to see and learn how in the Netherlands people work and live with water and climate change. Based on our own experience and inspired with new knowledge, we can work out how to face the challenges for improvements in our delta country Bangladesh’.


Visit of Nuffic officials to Bangladesh to monitor DeltaCap Project activities

Ms. Birgitte Vos, Senior Programme Administrator, Capacity Building Department, Nuffic and  Ms. Trix van Hoof, Senior Policy Officer, Global Development Department, Nuffic visited IWM office on March 12, 2018 at 9:00 am. The main purpose of this visit was to monitor the progress regarding DeltaCap (Innocap BGD 278). The Delta Alliance Bangladesh Wing is implementing the DeltaCap project, with IWM as coordinator of the Wing on the Bangladesh side.

From IWM, Mr. Abu Saleh Khan, Deputy Executive Director (Operation) & Project Supervisor of DeltaCap, Mr. Samiun Nabi, Manager, Business & Strategic Planning and Project Leader of DeltaCap and Ms. Maher Negar Meem, Programme Officer of Deltacap, were present in the meeting. The progress of the DeltaCap project activities was discussed, as well as the future course of action. It was a fruitful meeting. The Nuffic representatives indicated that they are satisfied and looking forward to the success of the Deltacap project.

Meeting of institutional Focal Points Delta Centre

The second meeting of Deltacap Centre Focal points has been held on Wednesday 21 march, 2018 from 10:30am -12:45pm at the meeting room of Institute of Water and Flood Management (IWFM), BUET. The meeting was chaired by Dr. M. Shah Alam Khan, Professor, IWFM, BUET who is also the Work Package 2 Leader, Deltacap project. 11 members from the partner organization (BUET, Wageningen UR, IWM, BWDB, CEGIS and LGED) attend the meeting. In the meeting several issues were discussed, these are – updates on the institutional profiles; future training plan for Delta Centre; Placing Delta Centre in the BDP 2100 process; discussion on the functions, institutional arrangement and member roles; financial arrangement for the training and other activities of delta Centre; Agreement/MOU among member institutions; Delta Centre Advisory Committee and Promotional Flyer of Delta Centre. In the meeting it was also discussed about the future training courses, modality of the training, source of founding’s for the training and most importantly the sustainability of the Centre. The participants also emphasized the current and future strategy of the Delta Centre how to link and work together with GED in the implementation phase of BDP 2100.