Strengthening Education and Training Capacities for Water Sector Professionals…

To Develop the necessary Capacity and Skills for Bangladesh to implement its Delta Plan 2100 (BPD 2100)

DeltaCap: Contributing to Bangladesh’s capacity to deliver its Delta Plan

A NICHE project helping to develop capacity and skills for Bangladesh to implement its Delta Plan 2100


Visit of Nuffic officials to Bangladesh to monitor DeltaCap Project activities

Ms. Birgitte Vos, Senior Programme Administrator, Capacity Building Department, Nuffic and  Ms. Trix van Hoof, Senior Policy Officer, Global Development Department, Nuffic visited IWM office on March 12, 2018 at 9:00 am. The main purpose of this visit was to monitor the progress regarding DeltaCap (Innocap BGD 278). The Delta Alliance Bangladesh Wing is implementing the DeltaCap project, with IWM as coordinator of the Wing on the Bangladesh side.

From IWM, Mr. Abu Saleh Khan, Deputy Executive Director (Operation) & Project Supervisor of DeltaCap, Mr. Samiun Nabi, Manager, Business & Strategic Planning and Project Leader of DeltaCap and Ms. Maher Negar Meem, Programme Officer of Deltacap, were present in the meeting. The progress of the DeltaCap project activities was discussed, as well as the future course of action. It was a fruitful meeting. The Nuffic representatives indicated that they are satisfied and looking forward to the success of the Deltacap project.


Prof Navera visited the Netherlands

Prof Umme Kulsum Navera of the Department of Water Resources Engineering, BUET, Bangladesh, traveled to the Netherlands early April to participate as a member of the promotion committee of Rumana Hossain, who successfully defended her PhD thesis ‘Impacts of climate...

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UWD Hydro-social Deltas project Exchange workshop

UWD Hydro-social Deltas project Exchange workshop

“Lessons for flood risk management from resilience framing in the Netherlands and Bangladesh” was an innovative workweek workshop conducted in the Netherlands under a WOTRO funded project from February 10-18, 2018. Nine young professionals from Bangladesh (junior...

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UNESCO - IHE, Institute for water education

UNESCO-IHE is the largest international graduate water education facility in the world.
UNESCO-IHE envisions a world in which people manage their water and environmental resources in a sustainable manner, and in which all sectors of society, particularly the poor, can enjoy the benefits of basic services.

Delta Alliance, Bangladesh wing

The Delta Alliance Bangladesh Wing (DABW) is an international knowledge driven network organization with the mission of improving the resilience of the world’s deltas. DABW brings together many parties and supports a joint perspective for addressing issues of importance in Bangladesh and other deltas. 

Wageningen University & Research

Wageningen University is the only university in the Netherlands to focus specifically on the theme ‘healthy food and living environment’. We do so by working closely together with governments and the business community.

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