•  Contribute to gender sensitivity in delta management
  •  Contribute to delta management professionalism of gender professionals
  •  Contribute to ‘putting to the ground of BDP’ in a gender sensitive manner
  •  Contribute to the other work packages with gender sensitive case studies and examples

Needs assessment

Collect, analyse and synthesize what has already been done:

  •  Gender sensitive climate change (background studies BCAS/UNWOMEN, 2015, 2 reports)
  •  Gender and water alliance programme Bangladesh (3 year, funded by EKN, implemented by GWA)
  •  Recently, in NICHE155 working review from gender side on NWMP (ongoing work)
  •  DUET gender policy (NICHE85)

Target group:

selected policy makers (all levels), academic professionals (BUET, DUET) project professionals (BWDB, LGED); women professionals (general) women groups


  • Produce good case studies and examples of gender sensitive water/delta management – especially related to the 4 training work packages
  • Produce document on perspectives of women professionals in delta management
  • Review of BDP2100 from gender perspective and translate to capacity needs (identify challenges related to gender and sustainable delta management).
  • Outcome to be owned by BWDB/WARPO/Planning Commission, followed by some workshops


  • 4 case studies (for teaching purposes)
  • Case studies may be replicated at universities (by MSc students, NGOs etc), link to digital platform
  • Profiles of women professionals in delta management (link to WP labour market/comm)
  • Review document + recommendation for policy + education/academics/engineering practitioners
  • Workshops and reports
  • Consolidation workshop – final publication


  • Gender sensitive implementation of BDP2100
Catharien Terwisscha van Scheltinga

Catharien Terwisscha van Scheltinga

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Atiq Rahman

Atiq Rahman

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