Work package 09 covers aspects of Communication and Labour Market Investigation of the project.

The Communication activities are conducted with the vision “Bangladesh (water) sectors and stakeholders are highly aware of the importance of, needs for and consequences of Delta way of thinking/working.” A main challenge faced by DeltaCap project is how to make significant impact from a small-scale project with limited budget. Communication strategy aims at upscaling the impact of the project activities by strategically disseminating its activities and findings.

The communication strategy of DeltaCap covers two main aspects:

* Digital Strategy: Integrated all digital activities of WPs and create a one-stop-shop via the web site.

* Media Strategy: Influence the media to take up news on DeltaCap activities.

The labour market components has the vision to “Support BD professionals to envision the future needs for integrative/delta thinking/working.” Labour market surveys are standard part of many past NUFFIC-NICHE project. Most of these projects (focused on developing capacity of universities) performed labour market surveys in order to understand contemporary labour market needs and address those. In this regard DeltaCap project approach has to be different. The need here is to study the gaps in the labour market for delta planning and address these needs. Therefore rather than following existing demands and trends, DeltaCap labour market components has to envision the future needs and attempt to understand the gaps. It also need to have a more active influence in the market.

Figure: Work package 09 Activities summery

WP 09 Deliverables

During the whole period of the project:

1. Web articles on activities, work-packages.

2. Before-after surveys (Questions provided by implementing WP) with trainings.

  1. Implement the web site of the project
  2. E-learning system is ready to be launched
  3. Train WP7 members (mPower) + other interested parties on Using Moodle e-learning system in DeltaCAP
  4. 10 interviews with sector professionals
  1. Integrate DeltaCap Dashboard implemented by WP7
  2. One press event on DeltaCap
  3. 10 interviews with sector professionals
  4. First network scale survey on LM (with WP7)
  1. One press event on DeltaCap
  2. Network scale follow up survey (with WP7)
  3. DeltaCap partner interview series (for web and media)
  1. Transferring the ownership of website and digital assets to centre.
  2. Training key personnel on centre as needed on media/digital presence activities.

Human resources requirements

Due to the nature of this work package, work planning is done in such a way that the human resources (time) allocation is uniform throughout the period of the project.

Assela Pathirana

Assela Pathirana

Work Package Leader

Associate Professor of Integrated Urban Water Cycle Management

UNESCO – IHE, Institute for water education
The Netherlands

Tel : +31152151854


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