Detailed work plan, activities and deliverables of Work Package 5: Participatory Water Management – information services local level are given below:

      1. Analyse the need

      •      a. Joint visit to Southwest and CDSP. Before rainy season.
      •      b. Reflect on capacities needed, local information services needed.

      2.Analyse the existing arrangements CDSP, Southwest, analyse existing training

      • a. Existing training: NGO Forum have training material
      • b. Existing training: extension service BWDB, WMG, WMA groups

      3.  Prepare criteria for trainers to be selected (will be involved in the development of the training)

      4. organize a workshop/meeting to share and discuss the information and prepare for yr 2, liaise with the centre

    Planning details year 1

    Y1 analysis – visit Southwest, CDSP and report: 7 d, 1 ticket WUR, involvement BWDB

    Y1 analysis – visit Dhaka, training inventory, based on BWDB, GED, NGOForum, DAE, LGED, snow ball method, document as output – further defining need and possible training in this work package (possible link with WP3,4,6?), running survey and report, 10 d IHE, 1 ticket, involvement in coordination (partly) BUET

    Y1 making training inventory survey form, results of inventory on website, mPower

    Y1 workshop end of Y1, planning Y2, 1 day before IMT (yearly team meeting) (Sep 2016)

    1. Develop training, training of the trainers, make the training available on the platform

    2. Liaise with the centre

    1. Implement training (in Bangla) (practice based) (using e.g. BWDB training centre, Bhaggakul)

    2. Liaise with the centre

    1. Reflect, learn, adjust materials and plan ahead

Saskia Werners

Saskia Werners

Work Package (5) Leader

Umme Kulsum Navera

Umme Kulsum Navera

Sparring Partner

Professor, Department of WRE, BUET,

Dhaka, Bangladesh


tel: (+88)01817-016153