Knowledge Portal will be useful for making plan for different project in my organization if it is free to access for future

a participant

Exercise session is the most useful to me because through this stage i can understand easily what
i learned from lecture.

This training is a practical training focusing on the application of Information Services for Sustainable Delta Management. Workshop participants acquired insights into the Knowledge Portal, the Touch Table and the use of information services for scenario planning.

Background information was supplemented by demonstrations, hands-on exercises and group discussions. A focus of the course is to gain practical experiences in the application of information services and to enable participants to use these services in their specific field of application. Use cases of how information services support sustainable delta management in Bangladesh were presented and discussed.

The use of the Knowledge Portal and the Touch Table proved to be particularly useful to support planners and decision makers in problem analysis, strategy-making or monitoring steps. Questions on how to prepare, realize and maintain the use of the Knowledge Portal and the Touch Table were addressed.

learning goals

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  1.  set up a new project in the Touch Table, load maps from the Knowledge Portal and use tools in order to sketch objects, measure the size of objects, define buffer zones and define the scale and the extent of maps
  2. apply two features of the Touch Table:
    –          the feature service to do real time analysis on the touch table with pre-configured map layers
    –          the photo map to combine maps with texts and images
  3.  upload map layers to the geoserver
  4. identify important aspects to consider in a real application of information services with regard to the preparation, the realization and maintenance
  5. know how information services can be used in order to support scenario planning

Participant feedback

The course was received well by participants. Following are some selected graphs from the participant feedback.

Information Services for Sustainable Delta Management - End of course evaluation