Online course on Climate Information Services ready for testing

Soon the first lessons of the Online Couse ‘Climate Information Services for The BDP2100’ will be launched for a testing round. This online course targets students and professionals in water management and spatial planning and introduces the climate information services that are available in Bangladesh to support the implementation of the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 (BDP2100). For the first testing round, we have a limited number of seats available, for students and professionals that are willing to test the course material. Participants will gain important knowledge and skills in explaining adaptive delta management and climate information services to support the implementation of the Bangladesh Delta Plan. Participants will receive a DeltaCAP completion certificate and will be invited for the other lessons of the course when available. If you are interested, please send an email to:

Figure 1: Modules of the online course

About the course

The BDP2100 is a long-term, integral and holistic plan for the country of Bangladesh. Central to the execution of this plan, is the Adaptive Delta Management approach. This approach takes the uncertain future into account, by developing strategies that are robust under different possible futures and that can be flexibly adjusted when new knowledge comes available. Climate change impacts pose a big challenge to Bangladesh: already often occurring natural hazards like flash floods, heat waves and droughts will occur more often and more extreme. How exactly this future climate will look like is uncertain. Consequently, what actions and development courses are most appropriate is not straightforward. However, climate information services are available that can support spatial planners and water managers to make climate-smart decisions. This course provides an introduction to the available information climate services in Bangladesh, the principles of Adaptive Delta Management and the goals BDP2100. This will allow students to reflect on how climate information services may support their own work, to achieve a climate robust Bangladesh.

The course is provided online and regards a mix of expert interviews, tutorials, literature and quizzes. The course is structured along four modules, each module containing multiple lessons. Modules:

  1. Introduction to the BDP2100 and Climate Services
  2. Data and Information sources
  3. Communication and Visualization
  4. Policy and Action

Figure 2: Interview with Dr. Shamsul Alam on the Importance of the BDP2100 for Bangladesh