(2017-2020) is a project which has just launched, jointly led by IHE-DELFT and Wageningen University and Research and implemented in close cooperation with the Government of Bangladesh. It is set up to develop water management skills and capacity, through training and knowledge transfer opportunities.

Objectives of DeltaCAP
Objectives of DeltaCAP


IHE-DELFT will be involved in :

  • Enabling an understanding about, and use of, longer term planning tools.

These include:
  • Integrated assessments and scenario building;
  • Coordination of planning and maintenance at national level with that at local/district level;
  • Development of integrated, pro-poor, ecosystem based and gender-sensitive solutions;
  • Use of participatory water management techniques;
  • Integrated and inter-sectoral assessments for longer term planning, vulnerability and risk assessment;
  • Policy development for transboundary water management and diplomacy;
  • Identification/integration of multi-benefits to end-users.
    • Contribute to the development and facilitation of training activities as well as the creation of a Sustainable Delta Management Centre, a knowledge sharing hub for lectures, practical exercises as well as the collation and assessment of field work.

    • Coordinate capacity development initiatives in Bangladesh.

    Working through the Bangladesh Wing of the Delta Alliance, a knowledge-driven network of delta professionals, will give DeltaCap two principle advantages. Firstly, it will help with the coordination of the numerous Bangladeshi delta management entities which function both as providers and recipients of new knowledge. Secondly, as sustainable delta management activities need scaling up nationally, the project can benefit from the support of the Delta Alliance through Bangladesh Wing partners. Internationally it can also be replicated across other deltas, tailored to specific regional needs.