ICWFM7 – International Conference on Water and Flood Management 2019

Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 (BDP) has been approved in September 2018. This longer term, integrated, holistic and adaptive plan with 50 to 100 years’ time frame also brings about the need to think practically how the implementation can take place, and how planning and implementation processes can be adjusted in this longer term while considering the policy implications. At the same time, there is also a pressing need for generating new capacities and knowledge. This is an enormous challenge with various practical questions. For instance, how to take into account the longer term planning objectives while preparing the next five-year plan? How to incorporate climate change and other longer term issues in day-to-day implementation of water projects and programs? Do we know the water situation when considering future development of the country as well as climate change into account? How to engage multiple stakeholders? Do we have information services in place to inform people from local to national level while they are making their own plans and implementing them?

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Workshop on Design and Execution of a ToT

For implementation of the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100, capacity development is required for Bangladeshi professionals working on delta management. They need to be aware of and conversant with new concepts like delta planning, adaptive delta management, longer term...

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