DeltaCAP Training calendar

TimelineList of training Provided by/trainerTopic
Sep 16-19, 2017DeltaCAP+IHE+WUR+BUETTraining on Adaptive Delta Management
September 2017DeltaCAP+mPower+IHEMoodle technical training
Sep 20, 2017DeltaCAP+WUR+BCAS+WARPOWorkshop on Gender and Sustainable Delta Management
Sep 17-19, 2017DeltaCAP+CAS+CEGIS+WURInformation Services and Scenario Development
Nov 27-29, 2017DeltaCAP+WaterAppsWorkshop on Information Services for Farmers in Peri-Urban Khulna
May 2018Khulna University+CIMMYT+University of Reading+DeltaCAPParticipatory Development of Information Services for Farmers in Peri-Urban Khulna
July 2018DeltaCAP+IHE+WUR+BUETTraining on Adaptive Delta Management
Sep/Oct 2018IWM+CEGISBasic GIS training for managers/planners
BWDB+IWMTraining on AutoCad
LGED+IWM+CEGISBasic ICT training
DeltaCAP+WUR+BUET+MaxFoundationLonger term planning – ToT
DeltaCAP+BUETWorkshop Adaptative Delta Management
Nov/Dec 2018IWMIntroduction to mathematical modelling: DSS in water
DeltaCAPInnovative stakeholder collaborations: project-to-project coaching on Monitoring & Evaluation: CDSP-IV & CEIP
DeltaCAPPrinciples of Train the Trainer
CEGIS+BUETClimate change training
IWM+BWDBHydrological data collection and Processing
LGED+BWDBDesign Principles
Jan/Feb 2019IWMMobile App development
CEGISWeb application development
BWDBProject planning and MIS
LGEDGender and development
CEGISGIS for urban settlement
Early 2019DeltaCAP+CIMMYT+University of ReadingLocal level planning/part water mgt – course
DeltaCAPInnovative stakeholder collaboration: project coaching on M&E
Mar/Apr 2019IWMMathematical tool for water quality
CEGISRiver delta morphology
BWDB+CEGISLand acquisition and management
May 2019IWMSewer system modelling
BWDBDesign of hydraulic structures
LGEDPollution mapping and drainage management
August 2019.DeltaCAP+CAS+mPower+WURMOOC – National level info systems
DeltaCAP1D/2D flood modelling
For more information, please contact Prof. Md. Shah Alam Khan, BUET.

19 November 2018